Nordic Dining
in Esbjerg

Restaurant Mundheld is Esbjerg’s Nordic kitchen. The skilful men and women at Mundheld are on hand every day to serve up exciting gastronomic surprises involving astonishing craftsmanship, ingenuity and distinct Nordic nuances.

As we prioritise quality over quantity, Mundheld only has nine tables. When all our tables are booked, that’s it. We never compromise on food, wine, service or surroundings. That goes without saying.

That is why it may be a good idea to book a table at Mundheld well in advance.

Try our seven-course menu with wine

Everything we do is raw and back to basics, and we present our food in a three-, five- or seven-course menu with wine. A menu based on Nordic raw ingredients that change with the seasons – e.g. lumpfish roe, scallops, cod and rabbit.

Private dining at Mundheld

Mundheld’s private dining room offers you and your guests 100% exclusivity as well as the ultimate culinary experience in a very private setting.




It is no secret that Mundheld is designed for those interested in the culinary arts. Food lovers. Discerning connoisseurs. We look forward to seeing you.

Welcome to Mundheld.