Nordic Dining
in Esbjerg

The story of our ingredients and who we are
Restaurant Mundheld is committed when it comes to the nature around us, and therefore we have an extra focus on the sea, the fields and the vegetables in our area when we shop and create our menus.

With limited seating in the restaurants, it's a good idea to book your table well beforehand.
Welcome to MUNDHELD

A la carte  

Here you can choose freely from the menu. Start with our 3 delicious snacks and then choose from starter, main course, cheese and dessert. 


If you prefer a menu, you can be pampered with our composed menu and wine menu. 

Snacks & 6 courses DKK 985

The good one kr. 600
The fun one kr. 950

Our wine

On our wine list, you will find everything from tiny unknown to some large and most famous sought-after wineries in the world. Dive into our wine list and see which wines you would like to enjoy on your next Mundheld visit.


Book a table
for your next night out. 

Allergens and special considerations should be stated min. 2 days before arrival.